Galeria Punto

The Sculpture of Manbel Domenech and the Painting of Francisca Mompo

This year, for FIAC

2000, Galena Punto is banking on the sculptor Manbel Domenech and on the painter Francisca Mompo, both artists having an opening in the international market. Manbel Domenech s sculptures reflect a personal view of the world and invites one to new reflection. Her work exceeds the object because it requires an observation of the limits and possibilities of a human being as an energetic and communicative element. The artist develops a discourse to which it has integrated photography around a weaving exercise that not only gives clothes-sculptures, but also the possibility of thinking about personal experiences. Thus, the private universe becomes a room full of light, beyond the limits of skin and walls, time or distance, to observe the world with a certain perspective, but without ever moving away from it. By conjugating expressiveness in an order, Francisca Mompo develops an interesting style in which she underlines a well matched marriage between emotion and reason. This space is propitious for her to contain a large iconographic repertoire by means of which she reveals her plastic preferences and obsessions. In this way. she tries to evoke her "Private Collection", which supposes to visit Dadaism and a certain type of Pop Art, for example, and to approach Arroyo, Adami, Lidner, Condo and other more or less narrative, fabulist or story-telling creators.